The advowson* of Harlton belonged to the priory of Newton Longville (Bucks) until c. 1257, after which it descended with the manor. By 1587 John Duport had acquired the advowson from the Barnes family (presumably because of their recusancy) and in 1604 transferred the living to the patronage of Jesus College, Cambridge. Since then many of the rectors have been fellows of that College.

A full list of rectors may be found on the board on the north wall of the chancel above the choir stalls. the list is reproduced here.

John deLacy 1707 John Bagnall
1330 Henry de Scalariis 1712 Gilbert Hooke
1338 John de Hyngestone 1715 John Brooke
1346 John de Bottesley 1723 John Lucas
1347 John de Byfield 1727 Lees Ward
1349 Roger de Tuffield 1756 Richard Oakley
1388 Robert de Comberton 1784 Jonathan Chapman
1392 Thomas de Spalding 1806 Edward Daniel Clarke
1393 John Attee Hoo 1822 George Palmer
1460 John Abbot 1830 Charles Macarthy
Bernard 1839 James Fendall
1465 Rad Shawe 1867 Osmond Fisher
1492 William Spalding 1906 W.K.Lowther Clarke
1518 Doctor Lupton 1908 William Ellison
1539 Christopher Wyllys 1923 Frank Rowling
1556 John Hall 1927 Lewis Walker (PIC)
1557 John Tylney 1929 Edgar John White
1561 Thomas Whitehead 1936 Thomas Harold Clapton
1579 Arthur Hughes 1952 Herbert George Wise (PIC)
1580 John Davenport 1961 David Edgard Reid Isitt
1584 William Pentlowe 1969 John Bishop Rowsell
1628 Marmaduke Thompson 1981 Kenneth Gordon Taylor
1642 Richard Sterne 1989 Peter Gilding
1643 Jonathan Allen 1997 Peter Owen-Jones
1661 Charles Bussey 2007 Michael Matthews (Vicar)
1662 John Sherman 2014 Rebecca Gilbert
1671 William Cooke 2021 Claire Robertson

While many rectors were pluralists and non resident, employing curates to do their pastoral work for them while enjoying the income from the parish, there have been some notable figures amongst them: click on the name where there is a link to learn more about them

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