At the heart of the community are our pubs and restaurants:

Hare and Hounds Harlton has become a community-owned pub thanks to the efforts of the local community. Tel: 01223 264698

La Pergola at the Wheatsheaf  Italian Restaurant and Public House Cambridge Road, Harlton. Tel: 01223 260005

Transport to medical appointments and other essential visits: The Haslingfield and Harlton Community Car Scheme

If you need to get to a medical appointment or make another essential visit but don’t have  any means of transport, call the Haslingfield and Harlton Community Car Scheme on 07800 883634 for help!

There is no age restriction!  Simply call 07800 883634 at least 2 working days before your appointment.  Please leave a message if you get the answer machine – the Coordinator checks messages regularly.  The Coordinator will call you back when they have found a volunteer driver who is able to take you to your appointment.  The charge is 30p/mile, paid to the driver on the day.  We have a list of standard charges for the most common destinations, which we will give you when you first use the Scheme.  If you have any questions about the Scheme, please call 07800 883634 to talk to the Coordinator.

Can you drive?  Would you like to become a volunteer driver in the Car Scheme?

The Scheme depends entirely on volunteers who are willing to give a little of their time to take fellow villagers to appointments they cannot otherwise get to.  As a volunteer driver you are completely in control of how much – or how little – driving you do. You provide details of your general availability to the Coordinator, and when they  contact you by phone or e-mail to ask if you can do a particular drive, you can say Yes or No – no pressure is applied!  Drivers receive compensation for fuel used, 30p/mile from the users and an additional 15p/mile claimed from Cambridge County Council.  We need more volunteer drivers in Harlton. If you are interested, or would like further information, please email the Coordinator at:

The Luncheon Club  was set up 11 years ago to provide  a social setting for people to meet others, while enjoying a “homemade”  two course meal.  It continues to be popular and we are able to cater for up to 48 people, from Haslingfield and Harlton.  The volunteers who cook the meals come from both villages.  The club meets on the 2nd Thursday in the month at 1.00pm at Haslingfield Methodist Church, and we are always pleased to have new members.

If you are interested, please contact Christine Kipping on 870227 for more details. (Meals must be booked in advance)

Volunteering with Cambridgeshire County Council  there are various areas within different services that are always looking for volunteers.

Other community services:

The Community Navigator project started in 2012 and involves volunteers helping older people find out about services and activities they could benefit from which will enable them to remain active, independent and connected to their community. The service is completely free and is supported by the local charity Care Network Cambridgeshire or telephone 01954 211919

Neighbourhood alert gives you direct and easy access to your local policing team which helps you keep in touch with community issues

Cambridge Constabulary has notified parish councils of a new parking initiative. Residents are now able to report parking enforcement issues or concerns using this link:

Our local Police Community Support Officer is currently Alex Guiltaine

ShapeYourPlace is a website for the communities across Cambridge to share ideas, news and information about how to improve your neighbourhood as well as promoting events. It works in partnership with CCC, SCDC and the Police, Fire Service. Local people can have a say about issues that are important to them and seek a response from local public services.

Cambridge Bobby Scheme The Bobby Scheme provides a FREE service to victims of burglary aged 60 or more who live in the county. It also helps many older people who are not yet victims but who are at high risk or feel vulnerable, and asks for £25 towards its costs from this group. The Bobby Scheme employs a co-ordinator and two full time carpenters/security advisors to provide the service. The Security Advisors repair minor damage caused by the criminal and then install locks, bolts, peepholes, door chains and alarms etc. They do not aim to turn a home into a fortress but they will provide practical help, reassurance and peace of mind at a time when it is needed most, usually within 48 hours of the burglary. The Bobby Scheme has helped over 19,000 people in the last eleven years, more than half live alone and the majority are over the age of eighty. The success of The Bobby Scheme speaks for itself, in that the repeat burglary rate for those who have been helped by the scheme is less than 2%, compared with a rate of 10% in Cambridgeshire and the National repeat burglary rate of 14%. Many of those visited are not yet victims, and not only is their risk of burglary reduced significantly, but their confidence and feeling of security is very much improved. The Bobby Scheme offers another service fitting high quality KEY SAFES, at a charge of only £50. Many of these are arranged through the Care package and Discharge units at the hospitals, but referrals are taken from anyone who requires the service. Although supported by Cambridgeshire Police Authority, The Bobby Scheme relies on charitable donations to continue its work and works closely with Victim Support, AgeUK, Cambridgeshire Social Services, District Councils and Cambridgeshire Constabulary. The Ministry of Justice have also awarded ‘Victim & Witness Support’ funding for three years from 2011 to 2014. This finances our work with the most vulnerable victims of burglary throughout the county. If you would like The Bobby Scheme to visit you, please call our office: 07866 602100

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